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Trendicate Clustering uses state of the art Neural Network technology to organize large repository of unstructured data so that similar information is clustered together. Each cluster represents a concept area within the knowledge base and contains a set of items with similar properties. Trendicate Clustering can be used to automatically organize search results from the Internet as well as Intranet and enterprise databases.

Trendicate Clustering leverages on the power of your search engine and improves the results by organizing the outputs based on information such as URLs, titles, summaries, and meta-data if available. Instead of seeing a long list of search results, Trendicate Clusering organizes the output into clusters of information.

The sample output shown display a list of themes on the left side of a spilt screen which Trendicate Clustering has automatically discovered from a sample search results. The search results are displayed on the right side of the screen.