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Trendicate NLQ uses NexLabs Natural Language Processing technology to enable users to obtain answers from unstructured documents by asking a question.

The answers are returned as sentences extracted from documents that best answer the question. These “answers” are also ranked according to relevance. Trendicate NLQ is superior to normal keyword search because it allows users to ask questions such as “when”, “when”, “who”, “what” and even questions related to numerical quantities (eg “how much”, how many”).

Trendicate NLQ can be rapidly deployed in the following scenarios:

Dynamic FAQ

Instead of anticipating in advance and compiling a list of frequently asked questions on a web site, Trendicate NLQ allows you to offer a dynamic FAQ service for your clients. With Trendicate NLQ, your customers can ask any question and it will pick up the best sentence within your web site or knowledge base that best answer the question.

Your customers benefit from Trendicate NLQ because it enhances their search experience by getting their questions answered easily and conveniently. Your company also benefits because Trendicate NLQ enables your customers to find what they want from your web site and reduces the number of calls and emails to your manual helpdesk!

Enterprise NLQ Search

System administrators can offer natural language search to allow staff to discover new knowledge in the enterprise knowledge repository. Trendicate NLQ increases enterprise productivity by allow users to find the facts by just asking for it! Timely and accurate answers will be presented to users’ questions, however they ask it!